20 Best Small Business Ideas for 2021 in India

best business ideas in 2021

Are you looking for the best small business ideas in 2021? Do you want to start your own business? Get started now. Do not be confused with the idea of ​​which will choose business or industry sector. Every business has positive and negative; it is about the best business ideas to make money. It’s just about what business you have the passion and zeal to break it. Your skillset is also essential to achieve the goal. You must be confident enough to implement the skills you possess and manage to overcome the upcoming challenges. Also, let’s break down a few small business ideas for you to choose from that match your skillset.

Here is a list of 20 Best Small Business Ideas for 2021 in India

1. Food Service Business idea

Food is one of the three necessities of life, making it the best option for people to indulge themselves and open businesses in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. That’s why, as a small business idea, food outlets will never run out of customers, as long as they serve delicious food. Of course, a startup doesn’t have to be a full-blown restaurant from the start. Start with a few raw dishes, such as a healthy traditional breakfast with optional snacks as a compliment.

Just prepare your home kitchen for a startup, and you can use your home kitchen until you get 15-20 monthly based customers. Try to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner home delivery service at an early stage. Foodservice is the best business idea to grow up easily in India.

2. Juice point counters

As more and more Indians become health-conscious, preservative-free fresh juices are emerging as a popular and healthy alternative to cold drinks. This is why the humble juice bar included in this list of small business ideas for India is one of the best options for a potentially successful company. While you’re at it, diversifying into related beverages – mostly (perhaps less healthy) summer drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi – could work well for this small business, too. 

Of course, one can decide to go all out and start with a fully-loaded food truck. As long as the food/beverages provided are of high quality and all necessary permits are in order, ensuring this business idea’s success shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Tailoring / Embroidery Business

When it comes to successful business ideas, this one is based on another essential requirement of life: clothing, so the size of the market includes everyone. As a startup business, tailoring and embroidery have been around for decades. Most are home-based businesses that take and fill orders on behalf of small boutiques. One needs to undergo the necessary training. Ideally, one should have enough experience to improve the chances of success in this small scale business venture.

4. Online Business Ideas

Online business ideas can grow into large businesses over time, and the emergence of the internet, along with related technologies, can help. It already proved that small businesses with an online presence tend to perform better than those without an online presence. Surprisingly, this business idea focuses on providing a range of online services to various small and medium-sized businesses. 

Social media marketers, bloggers, website designers, and developers are in high demand these days. These businesses only require basic computer systems, software, and a high-speed internet connection to install. Still, they need the entrepreneur to be skilled at what they do. 

5. Blogs

You can start internet-based small businesses from home, such as blogging, vlogging, affiliate marketing, which have the potential to be money-spinners. As long as it’s interesting, it doesn’t matter what a video is written or made about. Even many top-rated performance artists, including comedians, have viewed this as a potential way to expand their reach. Of course, the goal is to maximize the number of visits or readers of the vlog or blog by creating exciting content. If you are looking for home-based business ideas then blogging would be the best one.

In the case of specific vlogging platforms, you get paid based on the number of visits. In contrast, in most blogs, the advertising revenue generated through Google Adsense helps the business make money online.

6. Cooking classes

In case a skilled professional cook doesn’t fancy the idea of ​​working in a restaurant or food truck business, there is an alternative: cooking classes. Cooking is a unique trend that is catching on among urban families in India as something couples do together and create something delicious but healthy. What’s more, it’s even possible to conduct these classes both in-person and online, and it is one of the great educational business ideas. The scope to expand and monetize potential market segments that one could not otherwise reach is multiplied by leveraging the online route.

7. Childcare services

In India, the concept of in-office daycare for working mothers has yet to catch on. As more women enter and remain in the workforce even after marriage, it is evident that the demand for childcare services will continue to rise. In the next years. Future. As a startup company, daycare and daycare services have been around for years, if not decades, especially in larger cities that have higher numbers of working women and nuclear families.

8. Dance Teaching Business

If you are a good dancer or choreographer, you can quickly start your dance center by renting a space. Marketing your dance academy is the only investment required. If you don’t dance well, you can still run a dance center by hiring dance teachers. It is one of the best home-based business ideas.

9. Salon or Parlour Business Ideas

Opening a salon is the most popular business option in metropolitan cities. Young Indians are more cautious when it comes to looking presentable and groomed. Therefore, almost all salons have decent clients, regardless of their location. Salon owners make huge profits during holiday or wedding seasons, especially in metropolitan cities. Don’t be shy, you can hire a good beautician and hair cut specialist at the start. This could be one of the best business ideas in India.

10. Yoga instructor

Knowledge of Yoga and the habit of practicing all the “Yoga Asanas” make you a good yoga instructor. Yoga is considered above all anti-stress practices and has proven results around the world. Yoga instructors are in great demand in India as well as abroad. Zero investment is required to do this business.

11. Wedding Organizing Business

Weddings ceremonies will never end until human beings, but they are arranged down here. In addition to online marriage portals, wedding offices are more prevalent in cities and small towns. Families consider meeting other families in person before making a decision. Therefore, with small office space, 1-2 staff members, certificate of registration, and contacts can make you a successful businessman.

12. Travel Agency Business Idea

A couple of certifications and an attractive office in a prime location can help you start and run a travel agency. A successful travel agent is one who can make others travel at ease and in comfort. A good understanding of world itineraries, flight rates, and hotel rates can help in the early stages.

13. Photography Business Idea

Sometimes your hobby can make you earn money. It would help if you spent extra time on your pursuit to turn it into a profession and more into a business. Photography is one of those hobbies turned into a job. The better the camera, the richer the images it will capture. Rest it all is your precision and photography skills that will make you a good photographer.

14. Real Estate Agent

If you are a good salesperson with a strong opinion of power, this business can improve your career. You need an office space in good condition and well decorated with a good understanding of property types and documentation processes. Direct public relations and exceptional communication will help you become a successful realtor.

15. Job Consultancy Business

Human resources are integral and essential vertical in an organization. Fair recruitment makes the company grow and grow even more. So having ties to a reputable organization and placing good employees with them makes for a low-cost placement business. You can follow Perfect Naukri for the free job alert.

16. Ice Cream shop

Despite being a seasonal business, the ice cream parlor is still a massive success in small businesses. The investment required to do this manufacturing business is to purchase the franchise of any specific ice cream brand and, secondly, to have a store to place the counter in the desired location. Starting an ice cream shop could be one of the best business ideas.

17. Handicraft vendor

The government of India has started promoting the sale of artisan products in numerous states. Steps have been taken to make artisanal products reach every home in India. Some of these products include metal items, paintings, shawls, rugs, wooden items, earthenware, embroidered items, bronze and marble sculptures, etc.

18. Coaching classes

Education is a diverse field and amongst the best low-cost business ideas. Financial balance is easily achieved, and it is not a full-time business.

19. Consulting

Almost all sectors require consultants to help in their development and growth. If you have a decent knowledge of IT, finance, marketing, HR, accounts, law, health, social media, etc., then it could be one of the best business ideas for you. They can open their own consulting business and partner with large corporations to make big money.

20. Boutique Store

The boutique is one of the traditional small business ideas in India. Women who like to sew clothes and are up to date with the latest fashion trends can have a boutique store anywhere. You can run the boutique store from home, and the only investment required is the sewing machine with clothes to sell.