PAN Form 49A *Fillable PDF* Fill and Print!

Form 49A is the application form for the assignment of the Permanent Account Number (PAN Card). You can apply for a new PAN card by sending Form 49A with the required documents to the TIN facilitation center. You can also apply for the PAN card online now. You can consult the complete procedure for apply for the PAN card online here.

Updates: CBDT has revised Form 49A by including the option to print the Mother’s Name on the PAN card. It is totally optional.

  • The old way to fill out Form 49A: You first download Form 49A and then fill it out with a black pencil.
  • A new way to fill out Form 49A: You can fill out the form on your computer or mobile device in a fillable PDF and then you can print it.

Here you can find the fillable PDF of Form 49A. Form 49A is used to apply a new PAN. It is very easy to fill out Form 49A using a fillable PDF.

Benefits of Fillable PDF

  • There is no possibility of error in the fillable Form 49A.
  • You can edit at any time by filling in the incorrect information in the Fillable Form 49A.
  • Since the form itself can be completed on the computer and on the mobile device, it will be perfectly clean, that is, it will not be overwritten or cut, etc.
  • You can complete the form quickly.
  • Completable Form 49A is completely free and can complete unlimited forms.

How to use Form 49A fillable form

Instructions for filling out form 49A

  • You must complete all columns in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • You should use only black ink. Since this is the form that can be completed, you do not need to write anything on the form.
  • You can present only in the English language.

After printing the fillable form 49A

✅ Step 1: After completing the application form, print it.

✅ Step 2: The individual application must place two recent color photographs with a white background in the space provided on the form.

The left hand/signature print must be provided on the photo pasted on the left side of the form such that a portion of the signature/print is on the photo as well as on the form. The signature/imprint of the left thumb must be within the box provided on the right side of the form.

✅ Step 3: The signature should not be in the annex to the photograph on the right side of the form.                                 

✅ Step 4: Send it to the TIN facilitation centers.

✅ Step 5: After the presentation, the TIN facilitation center will provide you with recognition. You can check the status of the PAN card by confirmation. Here is the procedure to check the status of PAN.

Step 6: Officials will send their PAN cards to their communication address within 15 days.


✅ AO code: Don’t worry about the AO Code. You can get the details from the TIN Facilitation Center or you can also get the details from or Here is the direct code to find your AO code: – Click here

TIN Facility Center: Don’t be confused if you encounter any difficulties. Visit the TIN facilitation center closest to your residence, they can help you in this regard. You can find the address of the TIN facilitation center here. Find the TIN Facilitation Center (To submit the PAN 49A form): – Click here

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