UP B.Ed JEE Answer Key 2022 Joint Entrance Exam Answer Sheet

UP B.Ed JEE Answer Key 2022 Download B.Ed Joint Entrance Exam Answer Key 2022 UP B.Ed. Entrance Examination Answer Key 2022 Uttar Pradesh B.Ed Entrance Examination Answer Sheet 2022 Download UP B.Ed Entrance Examination Answer Key 2022 for all UP B.Ed entrance examination objection forms check All Sets Sheet

UP B.Ed JEE Answer Key 2022

Last updated on 08.07.2022 : UP Bed JEE 2022 Answer Key will be released on its official website soon… Candidates stay connected with us for the latest official updates…

Download UP B.Ed JEE 2022 Entrance Exam Answer Key: available soon

About UP B.Ed 2022:

UP Joint Entrance Examination (JEE B.Ed.) 2022 is an exam to take the admission in the Bachelor of Education course in various Government and Private Institutions. The online application process started from April 18, 2022 (06:00 pm) to May 15, 2022. Candidates who are looking for the UP B.Ed answer key for the JEE B.Ed entrance exam should know that the answer key will be available soon on the official website.

UP BEd JEE Test Date:

The examination was carried out on 06 July 2022 by MJPRU and the exam was held at 606 Exam Centers in Utter Pradesh. The B.Ed entrance exam was of an objective type and consisted of two question tests. each questionnaire was 200 marks. 1. First Question Paper- consisted of(Yo) General knowledge question, and (iii) Language (Hindi or English). 2. Second questionnaire– consisted of, (Yo) aptitude test, and (iii) Knowledge of the Subject (Art, Sciences, Commerce, Agriculture).

UP JEE B.Ed Entrance Exam Answer Key:

This year’s B.Ed Joint Entrance Examination was conducted by MJPRU. All Candidates who gave the UP B.Ed JEE of MJPRU now they are waiting for the answer key of the exam. Soon the LKU will upload the UP B.Ed Answer Key. Admission Test. The answer key is very important for the previous forecast of the result. With the help of answer key, candidates can easily check their answer and then easily calculate their grades. We also upload them down here on this page so that Candidates do not need to go to any other website. You can directly consult the answer key in the following link.

College nameMJPRU
exam nameUP B.Ed. Joint Entrance Examination (UP B.Ed JEE)
Application Submission DateApril 18, 2022 to May 15, 2022
Day of exam06 July 2022 (Wednesday)
Answer Key Release DateAvailable within 10 days after the exam
Result05 August 2022
Login29 August 2022
Last date of direct admissionavailable soon

How to check UP bed JEE response key:

Candidates can verify the answer key provided through the official website of MJPRU Under “UP THE JEE BED – 2022” Tab. MJPRU It will provide a direct link to check the UP Bed JEE 2022 Answer Key.


You can follow the given steps to check UP JEE answer key-

  • Go to the official website of “UP JEE BED – 2022“.
  • Click on “General Guidelines and Online Form Submission” Tab.
  • Click on “Click here to download the answer key (आंसर की डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें)”
  • Mention your user ID and password.
  • Click on the “Access” Tab.
  • Download the answer key for your test set.


उम्मीदवार “यूपी बीएड जेईई – 2022” टैब के लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट के से प्रदान की गई उत्तर कुंजी जांच कर सकते ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।। Electric Electric लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय यूपी बेड जेईई कुंजी कुंजी 2022 की जांच लिए एक सीधा लिंक प्रदान करेगा।


Follow आप उत्तर प्रदेश जेईई उत्तर

  • “Last year – 2022” की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट पर जाएं।
  • General Guidelines and Online Form Submission” टैब पर क्लिक
  • “उत्तर कुंजी डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें” लिंक पर क्लिक करें।
  • अपने यूजर आईडी और पासवर्ड का उल्लेख करें।
  • “लॉगिन” टैब पर क्लिक करें।
  • आप परीक्षा सेट उत्तर कुंजी डाउनलोड

Download UP B.Ed JEE 2022 Entrance Exam Answer Key: available soon

UP Bed JEE Answer Key Objection:-

After the UP Bed JEE answer key is released, the objection will be invited to get the provided answer key. If any candidate finds any discrepancy in the answer key provided, they may file an objection with respect to that answer. Candidates will be required to pay an objection fee for each question.

Last words:-

Curiosity about the answer key after the written test is natural. We know that all applicants are eagerly awaiting the answer key for the exam. It is recommended to all candidates that the answer keys will be available shortly on the website or also on our website.

Get Answer Key for UP B.Ed 2022 from our leading job portal (Perfect Naukri). For regular updates on the answer key, bookmark our website and always stay updated.

All B.Ed hopefuls can share their views, they can also share their marks to get an idea about their chances in the exam. Our Panel will be happy to help you.

FAQ Related to UP B.Ed JEE Answer Key 2022 Joint Entrance Exam Answer Sheet

When will the UP B.Ed JEE entrance exam answer key be available?

The UP Bed answer key will be available within 10 days after the exam.

How to check UP B.Ed entrance test answer key?

The answer key of the UP bed can be checked through the MJPRU Official website, as well as through the direct link provided in the post.

Some answers are incorrect on the answer key provided. Can I file an objection for it?

Yes After posting the answer key, the official website also provides the objection link.

What is the direct link to check UP BEd JEE Answer Key 2022?

The direct link to verify the answer key will be posted here: https://www.mjpru.ac.in/

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